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Sandy Creek Ranch is a Brangus Premium Gold and Registered cow-calf operation, offering cattle that thrive in the Texas heat and bring desired carcass traits to your Herd.

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Let us tell you about our animals



The hardworking crew behind the scenes



We believe in educating the next generation 



Three values of excellence we commit to our business

Three Pillers



These are the three factors that make our animals a lucrative investment



Here at SCR our team harvests all hay needs for the cattle, with proper fertilization and timed harvesting being a priority. Also, all animals at SCR are on a feeding program that has been specifically designed with our Area Purina Representative. With help from our local Purina dealer, SCR cattle have their nutritional needs met throughout all stages of development and growth.



Fertility is the main concept that is looked at in the cattle business. Here at SCR, we are at a 95% conception rate in our own cow herd. With the help from our early nutrition program and strict culling process. SCR is also going to stand behind our sale with a guarantee of fertility at the time of sale.



Without a good foundation, there is nothing to build from. With proper nutrition and outstanding fertility, a strong foundation has been formed. The purchase of an SCR animal, guarantees they have been built to strive and bring desired offsprings to your Herd.

Our Animals

Our Animals

This Hybrid Vigor cattle variety combines value and durability

Cattle herd

Brangus as a Breed

Our Hybrid Vigor mixture of 5/8 Angus and 3/8 Brahman provides a superior composition

  • With this mixture that is now a pure-bred breed, you have a black hided animal that can take the Texas Summer heat.

  • With the majority of their genetics coming from Angus, they have carcass traits that are desired in the meat industry. With high yielding carcass traits and desired marling factors.

  • The Angus genetics of the breed provides a higher milking score.

  • With the brahman influence, you receive a larger carcass and a larger pelvic area for calving ease.

  • When calving Brangus cows and heifers, they have a genetically lighter weight calf.

  • The Brahman influence brings mass and bone structure to the calves, they will start off small and grow quickly.

Brangus Gold is the progeny of a Registered Brangus and a commercial Brangus with a minimum requirement of 50% Registered. 

More information about our registered Herd Sires can be found here
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